pursuant to art. 6 DPR 430/2001 point 1 paragraph a) and e)


In this particular historical period, the narration of one's daily life is taking on a fundamental cultural value, offering a space for sharing and storytelling. In particular, "stories" are back in the limelight, intended as starting points from which to look to the future. Among the many stories that revolve around the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice, one is very significant and evocative: one related to the wonderful view that opens from the mullioned window on the second floor in front of Piazza San Marco. Legend has it that by expressing a desire for love in front of this view, this is realized.
This "story", linked to our home, therefore becomes a universal metaphor for giving a signal of hope and thus starting a constructive game through images.
Casa dei Tre Oci is, in parallel, a symbol of the house in general, of all the houses lived in this condition of forced closure.



Art. 1. Object of the competition
Civita Tre Venezie srl, (hereinafter renamed "promoter") in the current emergency selection due to the spread of COVID-19 and the consequent closure of the Casa dei Tre Oci, as required by the latest DPCM, indexes an online photocontest for the selection of photographic works that must describe this particular moment of forced closure through a story or a message of love, drawing inspiration from the legend that wants the expression of a desire for love to come true from the trifora of Casa dei Tre Oci (see Foreword ).
Love is to be understood in a broad sense: love for yourself, for your companions, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, for your work, but also for a book, an author, a passion or a significant interest to face the current situation.
Each participant can propose up to a maximum of 5 photos taken from their home containing a recognizable reference that can be traced back to a story or message of love and hope.

Art. 2. Type of content
The contest will concern photographic works.

Art. 3. Duration

The contest will take place from 8 April to 13 May 2020 (deadline for submitting photographs).
The selection of the contest winners will take place from 20 May to 3 June 2020.

Art. 4. Recipients
Participation in the competition is free and open to all, professionals and enthusiasts of all ages who, at the date of submission of the application, have already reached the age of majority.

Art. 5. Method of participation and sharing of the documents
Participation in the contest is free and free and takes place via the Instagram platform.
The entries must all be published with the same hashtag #storiedamoreaitreoci through the participants' personal Instagram profile, always tagging the official Instagram account of Casa Tre Oci.
ES. photo publication + #storiedamoreaitreoci + tag ig casadeitreoci

Each photo must have a title (max 40 characters including spaces) and a short description (max 150 characters including spaces).

When a photo is published, the participant expressly confirms the unconditional acceptance of this regulation in all its parts, as well as the confirmation of his consent to the processing of personal data.
Each user can participate in the contest with a maximum of 5 photographs.
Photographs with logo, signature, watermark and recognizable signs of any kind will not be accepted.

To give greater visibility to all participants, every Wednesday for the entire period of the contest the Casa dei Tre Oci will share a selection of some of the best shots chosen by the Artistic Director Denis Curti. The selection will be published via the official Facebook page and the official Instagram page of Casa dei Tre Oci.
At the end of the Contest there will be only one winner, who will subsequently be asked to send personal data and photos with a resolution suitable for printing.

All photographic works, under penalty of exclusion, cannot represent:
pictures of minors;
inappropriate images (obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening, sexual, political propaganda, racial religious and / or harmful to the conscience of others etc ...);
images containing promotional and / or advertising and / or merchandising purposes.

Participants must take part in the competition with their own works, of which they fully own the rights, authorizing both their exposure in case of winning and their publication in the media for the promotional purposes of the contest.
Each author is personally responsible for what is the subject of the works presented and for what has been declared and authorizes and guarantees to be the author of the subject as well as to boast, on an original basis, all the rights of use and exploitation relating to the material sent for the competition, expressly renouncing to claims of an economic nature, relating to the dissemination and publication of their works on the site

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