Sanlorenzo's path towards contemporary photography continues, grappling with a complex reality such as that of its production spaces, in which highly specialized workers operate who make Italy great in the world also in this sector.

This time it is the lens of the photographer Veronica Gaido who tells us about the construction site in the "Dedalo" exhibition, on display in the Sale De Maria of the Casa dei Tre Oci.

The photographer amazes with her use of color, immersing us in a fascinating impressionistic nuance, which she wanted to call "Dedalo" (Daedalus), because she knows how to lead us into this mythical labyrinth from which Sanlorenzo yachts are born.

The paths between the scaffolding, the silhouettes of the factories, the piers, the scaffolding, the cranes, all transfigured, also thanks to the skilful use of drones, in this dreamlike dimension that seems to travel on an unprecedented Z axis instead of the canons X and Y , tell us the best of the complexity of the Sanlorenzo shipyard.

A photograph, that of Veronica, which relates well to our densely liquid time, paraphrasing the thought of the philosopher, sociologist Zygmun Bauman, a famous observer of post-modernity and its fleeting mutations. Dynamics that this exhibition, also thanks to the installation curated by Studio Lissoni in collaboration with Alpi, Artemide and Bellotti, manages to make us perceive, showing us the secret beauty of the forms and the iconicity of the industrial structures of the yard, steeped in precious craftsmanship, without necessarily resort to the obvious representations of the final product.

An even more fitting story "in a nutshell" to tell the uniqueness of Sanlorenzo in unhinging commonplaces about the nautical world and making them appreciate its attention to art and contemporary design.


The exhibition has been extended until September 5th, 2021.

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