In 2007 Fondazione di Venezia bought Italo Zannier Fund, the result of fifteen years of passionate study and research and an important point of reference for the knowledge and comprehension of Italian photographic history. It consists of a thematic library composed of books, brochures and magazines extending from photography invention (1839) to nowadays and also of precious attestations preceding the official photography discover and an archive of 1750 photos. Part of the Library is hosted at IUAV University in Venice. An important section will be soon available by appointment at Casa dei Tre Oci. Photographs are made by great italian and foreign masters. The original nucleus, composed of works from nineteenth century to nowadays, from daguerreotype to digital, has been enriched with donations made by contemporary photographers; Fondazione di Venezia also bought about 100 photographs of internationally renowned Italian artists. The photographic fund is entirely digtized and available.




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