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Casa dei Tre Oci
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Casa dei Tre Oci

Casa dei Tre Oci, a splendid example of early 20th-century Venetian architecture, was designed by the artist Mario De Maria (Marius Pictor) and built in 1913 on Giudecca island, in the centre of St Mark's basin, facing St Mark's square and the Doge's Palace. The building is one of the main examples of neo-Gothic architecture in Venice, such as to have been declared a monument of historical and artistic interest in 2007 by the Veneto Regional Direction for Cultural and Landscape Assets. After careful restoration by Fondazione di Venezia, which bought it in 2000, the Casa dei Tre Oci became a public exhibition venue in 2012 and a privileged campus for the formulation and cultural comparison of contemporary languages, with particular attention on photography. The Casa dei Tre Oci exhibition space is a project by Fondazione di Venezia with Civita Tre Venezie.

Casa dei Tre Oci's Art Directos is Denis Curti.

Director of monthly magazine IL FOTOGRAFO, Fondazione di Venezia's consultant for photography asset management and Art Director of Festival di Fotografia of Capri, Denis Curti was the founder, and now supervisor, of postgraduate Master in Photography made in association with NABA and Fondazione FORMA. Co-founder of PICC society (Photography Italian Culture Capital) and founder of Still – photography, show room and gallery in Milan Director of Contrasto – Milano and vice president of Fondazione Forma in Milan from 2005 to 2014. In the past he was Art Director of Festival di Fotografia of Savignano sul Rubicone and Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia of Torino. For more than 15 years he has been journalist and photo critc for Vivimilano and Corriere della Sera. Expert on photography's art market, during 2002-2003 he curated Sotheby's first photographic auctions in Milan. Director of Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia from 1995 to 2002. In the 1990s director of Photography School of European Institute of Design in Torino. He is currently exhibitions and reviews curator and autor of many books about photography, among those, Collezionare fotografia, Contrasto, 2010 (new edition in 2013).