Daniele Duca. closely

until 13 September 2020

“Daniele Duca. Closely

Photographs by Daniele Duca

Exhibition curated by Denis Curti


Sale De Maria, Casa dei Tre Oci


In the De Maria rooms of La Casa dei Tre Oci, the oneman show of Daniele Duca (Ancona, 1967) is to be held, entitled Closely, which presents a series of photographs of objects (hangers, pens, patterns of fabrics, pasta, peppers), which, once removed from their context, become contemporary still lifes. 


Daniele Duca’s objects exist in an absolute synthesis, lost in an undefined space having been freed of their actual dimensions, subject to a process in which the light seems to transform everything at a photographic level. His is a silent work that involves the use of elements taken out of their usual context and so able to become contemporary still life.
Clothes hangers, pens and textured fabrics alternate with foods such as pasta and peppers, conjuring up a mysterious otherworldiness, through visual cycles that depict objects of classic simplicity, re-drawn in a rarefied and captivating environment, exalted by an unrefined and material chiaroscuro.
From impressions to plots. From objects to what happens to those objects. A focus on the questions rather than the answers. These are the ingredients of the new photography syntax. Daniele Duca’s story proceeds by continuous disclosures and engages the viewer with a request: to complete the vision independently, to close that circle of appearance and transform it into sentiment.
Denis Curti

* * *

Daniele Duca was born in Ancona in 1967. For over 25 years he has been involved in photography and works with the most prestigious Advertising agencies.
He has exhibited in various locations, including several times at the Ikona Gallery in Venice, at the FAB in Milan, at the Alinari Image Museum in Trieste. He was the winner of the 22 nd International Biennial of humour in Art in 2003, in the advertising section. He is a journalist, a member of the Accademia dei Georgofili and has two children.



We thank Sanlorenzo Yacht for the installation on the Sale De Maria.

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